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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Any arrest or allegation of criminal conduct can be a frightening experience as you are cast into a world you are unfamiliar with, facing fines, jail and prison, or worse. Moreover, a criminal conviction can follow you for years, causing problems at home, damaging your reputation in the neighborhood and community, and keeping you from the employment you desire or the benefits of civil life you would otherwise enjoy. Every criminal matter should be taken seriously; the first step in every situation is to contact a capable and experienced criminal defense attorney who will be on your side and look out for you at every turn.

When your freedom and reputation are at stake, trust your defense to a former Deputy District Attorney who has completed over 100 criminal trials and has served on the Board of California Attorneys for Criminal Justice. Our office works to protect your rights and prevent wrongful convictions in all criminal matters, from DUI and petty theft to sexual assault and murder.

Seek Experienced Legal Representation

When faced with a legal issue, you will find that there is no substitute for experience when seeking capable and effective representation of your unique legal needs. In 35 years of legal practice, our lawyers have handled matters across the spectrum of civil and criminal litigation. If you need legal help in the area of  family law or criminal defense contact Fromson Law Firm for a no-risk one-on-one consultation with a capable attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in the precise type of legal matter you are dealing with.